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Physiotherapists help people affected by injury, illness, pain and our disability through exercises in movement, manual therapy, education and advice.

I am
Geert Bauweraerts

I'm Geert Bauweraerts, a passionate physiotherapist working in Brussels and Leuven.

I studied physiotherapy at the university of Antwerp and graduated at 2005. In 2010 I founded in Leuven the multidisciplinary health center ‘Multizorg De Vaart’ and in 2017 I started my physiotherapy office in Brussels. Because I like to improve myself and I like to combine different insights and techniques, I’ve created in the years an holistic way of treating. I use orthopaedic medicine (Cyriax), neurodynamics, mobilisation and fascial techniques, massage, reflexology, acupuncture, Ayurveda, kinesiology (i.a. assessing nutritional supplements), different types of exercise methods and coaching styles. Besides treating people I also try to motivate people to move. I give spinning classes and support a nearby boxing club. I live in Leuven with my wife en two children. I usually consult in English and Dutch and also have a good working knowledge of French.

Precautions COVID-19

  • In the case of illness, fever, or signs of the Coronavirus, please inform the health care provider and stay home.
  • If you had contact with an infected person, please wait 2 weeks before being treated again.
  • If you had contact with someone else before entering the office, please change clothes first.
  • Bring a 'mask' with you.
  • If the weather allows it, please wait outside until it's your turn. In other cases, you can enter the office and use the waiting room in a 'standing position' (don't use the seats).
  • Before entering the office, please disinfect our wash your hands.
  • Avoid using our common sanitary facilities as much as possible.
  • Take always a shower after being treated.


Consultations on Tuesday and Thursday

Initial examination session (50-60 minutes): 80 euro

Treatment session (30 minutes): 40 euro

Treatment session (60 minutes): 80 euro

Please make an appointment via email or give me a call.


+32 (0)485 47 09 92

* You can't cancel an appointment past 3pm on the day before the appointment without incurring a fee, cancelling for Monday means cancelling Friday before 3pm.


We moved to a new address

Avenue de la joyeuse entrée 5
1040 Etterbeek